our mission

Uniting Georgians and influencing change by speaking up and taking control of our lives.

our vision

Uniting for Change envisions a community where all people belong and are heard. A place where people are involved, speak out, make their own choices and are seen and treated as equal and true to their destiny.

we value

Being people first

Making our own decisions

Believing in us as people

Having others believe in us as people



Equal Opportunity

Learning and Living Together

Institutions are Bad for People



Reinforcing our Commitment

Standing up and letting our voices be heard!

valued social roles

One Step at a Time


People with Developmental Disabilities have been treated with decreased value in many communities. Uniting for Change believes in all people being valued for the gifts and skills they have.


People with Disabilities work for equal pay

Uniting for Change promotes all people to work for a living wage in their communities.