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Who we are

Self-Advocates in Uniting for Change speak up about what is important, make choices that matter, and pursue their dreams. This network is led by a group of committed self-advocacy leaders who guide Uniting for Change’s advocacy efforts.  

The U4C Leadership Collective is ever-changing based on who is interested in giving their time and ideas to the network as a whole. These Leadership Collective Members mentor, teach, and  work to grow self-advocacy across the state through committees. Self-advocates are supported by allies who believe in, advocate with, and support the self-advocacy movement.


Being people first 

Making our own decisions

Believing in us as people

Having others believe in us as people



Equal Opportunity

Learning & Living Together 

Institutions are Bad for People


What has Uniting for Change meant to you?

“Doing things to give back to our community and helping out people that need our help.” 

- Ratiel Shepherd

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Our Partners

Uniting for Change is proud to collaborate and partner with other organizations who share our goal of expanding self-advocacy in Georgia. Thank you for listening to and learning from self-advocates and working with us to grow our self-advocacy network.

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