Meet the Leadership Collective

Uniting for Change is a statewide, grassroots network of self-advocates, allies (people without disabilities) and supporters. Uniting for Change was founded in 2019 through the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Expanding Self-Advocacy Grant and is led by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who speak up about what is important, make choices that matter and pursue their dreams. This network is committed to advocating, organizing, showing up and being heard. Uniting for Change members seek to share information, create opportunities and influence change around issues important to people with disabilities. Self-advocates are supported by allies who believe in, advocate with and support the self-advocacy movement.
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“An organization founded and ran by self-advocates and supporters - who have lived it and who are wanting to come together and train others on how to stand up for themselves and become the person they want to be.”

- Marian Jackson

“Uniting for Change is a statewide self-advocacy network committed to advocating, organizing, showing up, and being heard, voicing our opinions and letting our voices be heard.”

- Brad King

“The change that we have is already united. We are united. We make a huge difference, and we make changes.” 

- Nandi Isaac 

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“Doing things to give back to our community and helping out people that need our help.” 

- Ratiel Shepherd 

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“Great way to meet people!” 

- Laura Owen