RESOURCE center 

supported decision- making


Uniting for Change believes in self-determination and the power of making your own decisions. Supported Decision-Making, an alternative to guardianship, is the process of appointing trusted people to help you make your own choices. The Center on Youth Voice Youth Choice (CYVYV) is a resource center for youth with disabilities, their families and supporters. They do research, advocacy, and education on alternatives to guardianship. Check out their website, which has lots of helpful information about alternatives to guardianship- including supported decision-making! 

The Center for Public Representation (CPR) is an organization based out of Massachusetts that focuses on enforcing and expanding the rights of people with disabilities. 

CPR has curated a robust, online resource library of stories, articles, and other helpful information about Supported Decision-Making in the United States. Be sure to check out their website to learn more!


Check out this new video where Rita Young interviews Darien Todd about Supported Decision-Making (SDM) on Real Talk with Rita, asking questions about how SDM works and how people with disabilities can be supported using SDM as an alternative to legal guardianship or other more restrictive practices.


We encourage all Georgians with disabilities to influence change and speak out by exercising their right to vote. As self-advocates, it is important that we communicate what support we need in order to participate in the democratic process of voting. 

know your rights

In order to advocate for what you want, it is important to first know your human rights. These are your rights all the time and they follow you wherever you go. Check out the video above of the U4C Leadership Collective explaining the human rights of people with disabilities.