RESOURCE center 

covid-19 information

Uniting for Change advocates and Dr. Andrea Videlefsky with Adult Disability Medical Healthcare Clinic talk about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

You'll hear from advocates about why they want to get a vaccine and information and answers to these questions:

• How does the vaccine work?

• Is the vaccine safe?

• Who shouldn't get a vaccine?

• How do you find a vaccine?

• What happens when you get a vaccine?

• What do you need to know about after getting a vaccine? 

Voting Information

We encourage all Georgians with disabilities to influence change and speak out by exercising their right to vote. As self-advocates, it is important that we communicate what support we need in order to participate in the democratic process of voting. 


Know your rights!

 As self-advocates, it is important to know and understand your human rights.

These are your rights all time and they include:

equality before the law

 freedom of speech

respect for privacy

the right to both marriage and family

the  right to education

the right to health

and many more!