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Area Networks

Uniting for Change is expanding the self-advocacy network across Georgia by establishing strong Local Area Networks in four areas of the state. By growing the self-advocacy movement we are hoping that more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state of Georgia take control of their lives, their services, and their citizenship within their local communities, state, nation, and the world. 



GA Area

Metro Atlanta

GA Area


GA Area


GA Area

North GA

  • Write letters, make phone calls, and schedule in person visits with local elected officials. 

  • Inform other self-advocates and wider community about U4C.

  • Get more folks registered to vote.

Metro Atl

  • Working to inform the wider community about Uniting for Change

  • Writing letters to government officials

  • Advocating for more sidewalks, better transportation, more affordable housing options, increasing supported employment services, and opportunities to live independently.


Middle GA

  • Building relationships with local elected officials.

  • Get more involved in self-advocacy.

  • Write newspaper articles.

  • Advocate for more opportunities and activities within the community. 

  • Better transportation options and more jobs.


South GA

  • Create Youtube videos about better affordable housing, higher wages, people with disabilities and the marriage penalty, transportation, better jobs in the community.

  • Build relationships with the local government - mayor, city council, and the wider community.

  • Write articles for the local newspaper, post on social media, write letters. 

  • Have more variety in daily schedule. 


Area Network Resources

Visit our Area Network Google Drive for handouts, slides, and other resources from our Area Network Meetings!

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