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This workshop is developed by self-advocates who teach and welcome self-advocates from all over Georgia. The hope of Uniting for Change is that this is an opportunity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn, connect with one another and become more comfortable using your voices as advocates, letting people know your hopes and dreams and how you need to be supported.

This is an interactive workshop for all providers, supporters, and other allies who work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  In this workshop, members of the Uniting for Change Leadership Collective teach others about self-advocacy and how self-advocates want to be supported. 

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I plan to use what I learned to further educate DSPs when they are planning program activities. I also would like to help my clients become their own advocates and stand up for what they need and want.

It was very powerful. I can listen and be more considerate of individuals we serve needs and feelings.

I will carry what I learned today into all my work. I will work to center my advocacy/support on what Uniting for Change tells us what they want and how we can support them to get it.

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