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Stories have always been used to connect, inspire, heal and create a better world. We at Uniting for Change believe in the power of our stories. We believe that storytelling is personal, intentional and can help a grassroots movement grow and build community. We must work together to tell our stories as self-advocates so that our hopes and dreams, gifts and capacities, choice and autonomy are recognized by all citizens of Georgia. We welcome all self-advocates to submit their stories, poetry, and post their artwork so that we can join together as one in our efforts to have the life we want and deserve!

Community guidelines

Uniting for Change’s dedication to inclusion extends to our media platforms. Here are some guidelines to make sure that our community is welcoming and inclusive for all. 


  • Please be respectful to our community and its members. We believe in inclusion, belonging, supporting self-determination and autonomy, presuming competence, and recognizing capacities and gifts of all people. 


  • Please do not post or comment anything inappropriate, discriminatory, or disrespectful towards any person or group. 


  • Give credit! If sharing someone else's work, please give credit to the original creator. 


  • Please be mindful that this community includes people with different viewpoints and perspectives. 

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