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Our Focus

The focus of U4C is to provide the self-advocacy network with the tools needed to influence change at both local and state levels through outreach, education and engagement with self advocates, service agencies and the broader community. 

Outreach Workgroup

The Outreach workgroup creates different opportunities for Uniting for Change visible and known as an advocacy resource through our website, sharing stories, news and videos.

Education Workgroup

The Education workgroup works to enhance the skills of self-advocates around teaching, mentoring & sharing information about self-advocacy and Uniting for Change throughout the State of Georgia. 

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Impact & Engagement Workgroup

The Impact and Engagement workgroup creates and provides resources to educate self-advocates about being at the table and speaking up, communicating with local elected officials and state leaders in government, while giving input to state and local agency representatives.

Local Self-Advocacy
Area Networks

Uniting for Change is growing four Local Self-Advocacy Area Networks across the state of Georgia to continue rising up and speaking out. 

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