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Uniting for Change encourages all Georgians to exercise their right to vote. We have included resources below to help you participate in the elections process. Make your voice heard! 

Mark your calendars!

Make sure you know 

all of the important

dates and deadlines

for the 2022 midterm elections.

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The Georgia Voter Guide Inc. is a non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to voter education. Their website includes all kinds of helpful resources created to help Georgians successfully exercise their right to vote. Check out their FAQ section that specifically answers questions for voters with disabilities!

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Ballotpedia is nonpartisan organization that provides information about federal, state, and local politics, government, and elections. 

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Vote 411 is a nonpartisan organization providing general and state-specific information around elections - including sample ballots, ways to check voter registration and more.

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Branch Politics is a nonpartisan organization that helps citizens prepare to vote, including walking through sample ballots. 

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My Voter Page is the Georgia Secretary of State's website where you can check your voter registration status, find your polling places and more. 

Uniting for Change Voting Resources


Uniting for Change created voting resources for the three-part online voting workshop - Our Voice, Our Vote. In this folder, you will find more helpful links, slides, graphics and recordings from our workshops.

Check out this article from our friend, John McCarty, talking about the about what voting means to him as a citizen and self-advocate.